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We deliver a unique combination of benefits to our clients, including: competitive differentiation that results in improved revenues, lower operating costs, increased employee morale and operational efficiency, and becoming a market leader by advancing the sustainability movement. SuperGreen Solutions guides the client through the Green Compass Sustainability Award program and remains an advisor to the company, providing marketing and promotional support, to ensure the company takes advantage of their newly certified GREEN status.

Green Compass Sustainability Award

Program Results


Via competitive differentiation


Via the energy efficient products


Via upgrades in the work environment


Via becoming a sustainability leader

What We Do

Conduct a Benchmark Assessment

This is more than an energy audit. We will complete a comprehensive sustainability assessment of the entire business operation, not just the building. We analyze the current energy expenses, water use, waste generation, and operational practices to establish a baseline in the certification and Green Compass Sustainability Award process.

Create the Green Compass Sustainability Roadmap

With the information acquired, we will create a Roadmap that details the short, medium, and long-term sustainability plans the business will execute. The Roadmap will also include information on available tax rebates, incentives and financing. Additionally, it will provide the Green Compass Sustainability Award Promotional Toolkit the business will use to promote themselves and sustainability, on their way to earning the award.

Manage the Certification Process

We lead and guide the sustainability committee; made up of the business’s staff. We work with the committee and together implement the operational changes needed to earn the sustainability certification. For projects the business approves, we will coordinate the entire process from procurement to installation.

Promotion of Certification Award

Starting from the moment the business embarks on our program, we will assist in promoting the business on the journey to becoming a sustainability market leader. We will provide the marketing plan the business will follow to gain the most exposure and benefit from their newly earned sustainable business status.

Let us show you how an ISO 14001 certification can help your business!

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An ISO 14001 can benefit your business.

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