We had the guys from Supergreen come in and swap out all the lighting in our home with LED lighting. Energy costs are down and the lighting quality is great!"

Joseph H., Home Owner - Northeast

I wanted to save money and energy and to make it more comfortable for my customers. I was looking into different companies, but when Tom (from the Charlotte Mid-Atlantic Regional offices) came in, we talked and he explained to me very well all the solutions and all the products SuperGreen Solutions had to offer. He also analyzed all my bills and thats when I made up my mind. I was great to work with Tom and I am looking forward to working with this company again in the near future."

Harinder S., Dunkin Donuts - Columbia, SC

Super Green Solution’s retrofitted our parking lot lights with LED’s. We have reduced the energy consumption significantly. Where we used to have 1,000 Watt metal halide bulbs we now have energy efficient LED street lamps that consume 240 Watts each. For a high power light that stays on for 12 hours a day, 365 days a year that adds up to a significant savings. With our old lighting I had an enormous cost when it came to replacing the bulbs every year. I had to hire an electrician with a boom truck just to reach them. The fact that the new lights are good for over 50,000 hours means I won’t have any maintenance for over ten years. Not to mention the fact that now I have a safe and brighter parking lot than I had before."

Eric B., Building Maintenance Manager

We had the team from Supergreen come in and add some wind turbines to the light posts in our parking lot. We've already seen a 10% decrease in monthly energy costs. Well worth it!"

Andrew M., Fast Food Chain Owner - FL

We found SuperGreen Solutions while attending the Home and Garden show. We set up an appointment for someone to come out and give us an estimate. Jason was courteous and on time. The attic fan was late coming in but the guys at Supergreen Solutions kept us informed and rescheduled the date for installation. Also, the roofing company that they scheduled to come out were courteous, quick and clean. Shane gave a courteous call to inform us when he would be coming to the house to install the attic fan. I would hire these guys again, as well as, recommend them to others. They had the fan up and running in a short time. The solar attic-fan is so quiet you don't even know it is on."

Becca, Homeowner - Round Rock, TX

With the changes in the lighting industry, our church was concerned about replacing 80+ incandescent bulbs of 6 different sizes in our sanctuary. The electric utility encouraged us to make the switch to LED bulbs using SuperGreen Solutions. After considering some options SGS provided, the decision was made to use LED bulbs in the offices, classrooms, fellowship hall, and sanctuary. Rob and Steve were accommodating in selecting appropriate bulbs and in working around our scheduled activities. The new bulbs provide a bright and clean appearance; some people said it looked like we had just painted the walls in the fellowship hall. We look forward to seeing the savings these bulbs will provide on our utility bills."

Charles K., Christ Lutheran Church - Austin, TX

The incentives of going "Green" and with the new technology that has improved, we can reduce our power cost and pass on more value to our customer."

Chuck S., Automobile Dealership Owner - FL

An ISO 14001 can benefit your business.

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